2014-08-15 SAP Support: SAP enhanced its SAProuter for the hybris platform

SAP has enhanced its advanced diagnostics tool, the SAProuter, for hybris products.

SAProuter is a software application that provides a remote connection between our customer's network and SAP. Through the remote access SAP support engineers can quickly diagnose and solve reported incidents, without the need to be physically onsite or on the phone. In addition to solving incidents faster, setting up a remote connection between your company and SAP will also allow you to receive services, such as GoLive Checks, and Continuous Quality Checks, that you may be entitled to through the SAP Support offerings and premium engagements your company has purchased. Key benefits: • Faster processing times • Better processing quality • Less system down time • Lower total cost of ownership • Fully exploiting the Mission Control Center approach Please, to find out more information click here.