2014-07-24 Projected Cost Analysis of the SAP HANA Platform

Unlock business value and deliver breakthrough innovation while simplifying IT

SAP HANA is the only complete innovation platform that combines in-memory database, data processing, and application platform capabilities for discovering business value and delivering breakthroughs combined with more IT simplification. A simpler data footprint that brings transactions and analytics together into a single in-memory platform. Simpler processing and operations that enable real-time decision making with no data preparation, data movement, or integration. A simpler landscape that integrates data types, data operations, and application processing in one platform and avoids different specialty servers. Simpler setup with a choice of on-premise or cloud deployment and integration for hybrid deployments. Simpler application development with a simpler data model avoiding data duplication for performance reasons. A simpler user experience that provides comprehensive, personalized real-time information anytime and on any device. Discover a framework for evaluating the potential financial impact of SAP HANA platform on your IT. Please, To check the whole research click here