RSUG - Russian SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP Rusia

RSUG is independent organization that works for promotion of Russian-speaking SAP Users interests. RSUG is the community of professionals with common business interests and experience. It helps to find answers, to offer new ideas, to solve problems and to develop new professional contacts. RSUG offers organizational support for Russian-speaking SAP users to represent common interests. In particular: sharing knowledge about already implemented SAP solutions and SAP products practical use, also about approaches to implementation projects and to solutions maintenance process; systematization of cooperation with SAP solutions developers in order to develop solutions considering Russian-speaking users needs; systematization of cooperation with Global and Local SAP users support services to develop services for customers; organization of SAP solutions development strategy discussion considering Russian-speaking and international communities interests. RSUG mission is establishing of customers ecosystem, where community members can share opinions, experience and knowledge, can structure and form common for all users requests for vendors, and also promote new ideas, technologies and tools for reaching goals of companies themselves as well as the aims of individual community members . RSUG has efficient collaboration with groups and organizations of SAP users all over the world.