AUSED GUPS - Italian SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP en Italia

The GUPS (SAP User & Prospect Group in Italian) is a permanent workshop inside the Aused association one of the most important and influencing organizations of CIOs in the Italian ICT world. The organization was created in 2000 thanks to a group of fellows interested in the SAP universe, and its aim is to share knowledge among the community and provide members with access to first hand news. By joining the GUPS, members may meet and interact with peers, key personnel from SAP, as well as partners and professionals. Prospective customers, who often need more independent and affordable information, will also find great value in joining. For members of all types, GUPS hosts a number of events on a wide variety of topics to facilitate discussions and sharing of common business issues and best solution or industry best practices. In 2007, SAP Italy recognized the GUPS as the countrys only official group of SAP users. AUSED GUPS Website