CSUA - China

CSUA called the "Chinese System Applications Users Association"  referred to as the Chinese SAP Users Association, is voluntarily initiated by China's SAP users, independent operators, independent, non-profit national two class Association, the People's Republic of China Ministry of Civil Affairs for registration, superior authorities of China computer Users Association.

SAP users directly recognized in China as the only official user organizations, associations for all Chinese regions SAP products and solutions, and partners, as well as SAP products or somewhat interested in studying individuals and groups to "communicate, share bridge "as the center aims to promote exchanges and mutual assistance between users, share best practices to promote and work closely with other users worldwide association representing members maintain user interest in promoting Chinese enterprises to process information.
CSUA provide members include seminars, training, various forms of online courses, the annual general meeting and other activities, regularly publish the latest industry information; according to different industries and regions, such as the establishment of the Task Group (SIG), to provide users with more targeted communication channels. Meanwhile, as China's only by the SAP user organizations approved by the company, the association is also involved in the SAP ecosystem, SAP users to communicate on behalf of the Chinese users with SAP and other countries.

CSUA is a SUGEN member

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